Kansas Wheat Harvest
Kansas Wheat Harvest
Realtors Land Institute - Kansas Chapter 18
Realtors Land Institute - Kansas Chapter 18

LandU Week Held in Kansas City

Land and real estate professionals from across the country met in Kansas City, KS from

June 4-12th to take advantage of nine days of professional development at the 2017 LandU Education Week.  This was the biggest LandU Week ever, with 37 students taking a total of 124 courses.   Eleven of the attendees completed all of the education requirements needed for the REALTORS Land Institute Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation.



Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges - 8 hours              

Land Investment Analysis - 9 hours

Land 101 - Fundmentals of Land Brokerage - 9 hours

Site Selection - 9 hours

Land Real Estate Development - 9 hours

Mapping Technologies & Techniques - 9 hours


For additional information about  the ALC designation, visit REALTORS Land Institute.

July 20 & 21, 2017 - Joint Tri-State Meeting

"Grain to Glass, and a Little Grass" in Greeley, CO! 


Greeley, in Weld County is the heart of Colorado production agriculture. Weld is the top ag production county in Colorado and ranks in the top 10 ag production counties in the nation.


A guided bus tour will allow us to see lots of things as a group and stops for several in-depth tours. We’ll see Weld’s beef and crop enterprises, dairies, feedlots, vegetable production, irrigation systems, and more. We intend to visit a barley farm with a maltster, stop at a hops farm, tour a hemp farm, and end the day with a brewery tour and beer tasting, hence the title, “Grain to Glass, and a Little Grass.”

Registration open soon.  Contact Maggie at 303-506-8805.


National Land Conference


Tim Gates, Kansas Chapter President, Maggie Thomas, Chapter Adminstrator, Mike Regan, Chapter Treasurer and his wife, Chris, attended the National Land Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina March 31 - April 2.  

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John Rupp, ALC

Immediate Past President

Phone: 316-292-3914


Find a Kansas Chapter Land Consultant

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Do you have information to share with the Chapter members?  Send to info@Ksrli.com and we'll share it with your fellow Chapter members.


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